Yvonne Ying

Dr. Yvonne Ying began her academic career at the University of Toronto where she completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (1996) in biomedical engineering. She followed this with a Masters of Science in Engineering from Johns Hopkins University (2000) in biomaterials and received her medical doctorate at the University of Calgary (2002). Her specialized training in plastic surgery at McMaster University (2007) brought her back to Ontario, where she completed her fellowship in paediatric plastic surgery at the Hospital for Sick Children (2008). Dr. Ying went on to complete additional Masters Degrees in Education (Health Professional) at the University of Toronto (2010) and Global Health (Global Surgery) at King’s College London (2017).
Dr. Ying’s current professional experience and academic appointments speak to her dedication to furthering educational excellence in her field.  In addition to teaching and training, she the previous Director of Surgical Foundations at the University of Ottawa (2012 – 2016), and is the Ontario representative on the Royal College Surgical Foundations Specialty Committee.  She is a member of the Royal College International Academy, and works as an international examiner. She is appointed as Paediatric Plastic Surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Plastic Surgeon at the Ottawa Hospital (2009 – present).
Dr. Ying is actively engaged in surgical education research with a particular interest in Global Surgery and Health Advocacy.  She was the recipient of an AMS Phoenix Fellowship to study Surgical Outreach, and a Royal College AMS-CanMEDs Research Grant to study Health Advocacy in specialty medicine.  She dedicates her time to volunteer activities that include the development of an Ottawa Surgical Outreach Clinic (2015 – present), and participation in numerous international surgery educational and service projects.
  • International surgery
  • Surgical education
  • Health advocacy

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada (FRCSC)

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