Male breast reduction

Male breast reduction (gynecomastia) at the University of Ottawa

The development of breast tissue in men (gynecomastia) may cause distress or embarrassment. The condition often arises during puberty or at times of hormonal changes. It may resolve on its own, but in cases where it persists, male breast reduction surgery can be employed to reduce the volume of breast and fat tissue. Special instruments and liposuction may be used in order to contour and shape the chest to a cosmetically pleasing result. A review of your health and medical history will ascertain your candidacy for surgery. A treatment plan will then be developed to achieve your aesthetic objectives. The incision points for gynecomastia will vary based on this plan, but they are generally placed inconspicuously to minimize visible scarring. Your surgeon will explain what to expect pre, during and post operation to ensure your safety, comfort and optimal recovery.

Male breast reduction | Plastic Surgeons

The surgical procedures performed at the Resident Aesthetic Clinic are monitored and overseen by professors of the Faculty of Plastic Surgery. The latest advancements in male breast reduction surgical methods are employed to ensure safety, optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.