Facelift surgery at the University of Ottawa

When lax skin, wrinkles and uneven facial contours arise as a result of aging, a facelift procedure can rejuvenate and refresh one’s appearance. The Resident Aesthetics Clinic at the University of Ottawa employs the latest surgical methods to provide pleasing and natural outcomes that align with your aesthetic goals. An in-depth assessment of your health and medical history will establish your candidacy for the facelift procedure. A facelift may be combined with other procedures such as an eye lift or neck lift. During the procedure, incisions are made along the hairline, extending behind the ears to minimize visible scars. The muscle, adipose and connective tissue is then tightened and repositioned and excess skin is lifted, trimmed and redraped to achieve a smooth, toned and youthful look. Your surgeon will explain what to expect pre, during and post operation to ensure your comfort, safety and optimal recovery.

Facelift | Plastic Surgeons

The surgical procedures performed at the Resident Aesthetic Clinic are monitored and overseen by professors of the Faculty of Plastic Surgery. The latest advancements in facelift surgical methods are employed to ensure safety, optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.