Brow lift

Brow lift surgery at the University of Ottawa.

When gravity’s pull and the aging process lead to drooping brows, a brow lift procedure can address this concern for a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

Improvements that can be seen with brow lift surgery are:

  • Lifting of sagging brows
  • Smoothing of forehead creases above, along and in between the brows
  • Ideal placement and refinement of the shape of the brows

The surgical methods used for a brow lift (endoscopic or coronal) vary in the placement and extent of the surgical incisions in order to achieve the desired improvement. The type of surgical techniques required to achieve your aesthetic goals will be determined during an in depth consultation. Your surgeon will evaluate your goals and assess your health and medical history in order to design an ideal treatment plan. You will be informed on what to expect pre, during and post operation to ensure your optimal comfort, safety and recovery.

Brow lift | Plastic Surgeons

The surgical procedures performed at the Resident Aesthetic Clinic are monitored and overseen by professors of the Faculty of Plastic Surgery. The latest advancements in brow lift surgical methods are employed to ensure safety, optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.