Implant Based Reconstruction

The use of implants to reconstruct the breasts post mastectomy.

Ottawa patients can opt for a breast reconstruction with implants. This technique is a minimally invasive method with shorter surgery times and faster recovery than autologous or microsurgical breast reconstruction. Some patients may be reconstructed with a single surgical procedure while some patients may require several stages to complete the reconstruction. Implants may be a good option for women who do not have enough extra tissue elsewhere on their bodies to perform flap reconstruction.

An implant reconstruction can be performed in conjunction with mastectomy surgery (immediate reconstruction), after mastectomy and other treatments (delayed reconstruction), or a staged approach combining all of these methods. In some cases tissue expansion, or stretching of the remaining skin may be required to accommodate the implant. A surgery to insert a balloon-like expander is performed, and the expander is gradually filled with saline over the course of weeks to stretch the skin. Once expansion is complete, the final implant surgery is performed.

When planning an implant based reconstruction, a plastic surgeon will make the appropriate surgical recommendations to account for the patient’s health, medical history and stage of cancer treatment along with their desired aesthetic outcome.