Delayed Breast Reconstruction

Post-cancer treatment breast reconstruction surgery at the University of Ottawa.

When breast reconstruction surgery is performed as a separate surgical procedure following, mastectomy, lumpectomy surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or targeted cancer therapies it is called delayed reconstruction. This method may be recommended in order to prevent undesirable changes to the reconstructed breast that are caused by radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatments. There is also the chance that a reconstructed breast may interfere with radiation therapy targeting the area affected by cancer. In the cases where patients are advised to wait until after their cancer treatments are finished, the reconstruction may be delayed by 6 to 12 months after mastectomy or lumpectomy. There is no time limit for breast reconstruction; therefore it can be done years later if so desired.

Delayed reconstruction can be done with many different surgical techniques. These include autologous reconstruction, in which tissue from the body is used to reconstruct the breast. In addition, implants or alloplastic reconstruction may be used. In some cases a combination of different types of techniques is used.

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