Post-Operative Instructions for Breast Patients Dr. Momtazi lower extremity reconstruction


  • Following surgery, leave all of your dressings dry and intact
  • Remove all tape and gauze from your breasts on Sunday morning
  • Please leave the steri-strips (white stickers), which I have applied directly over your incisions intact; they will eventually fall off on their own
  • No additional dressings are required
  • Do not place any creams, moisturizers, oils, peroxide etc… on or near your incisions


  • Once your dressings have been removed, please shower daily using mild soap and water
  • Any soap is ok, but, avoid fragrances
  • Gently cleanse your breasts using your hands; do not scrub your breasts/incisions
  • Do not avoid cleaning over steri-strips; it is ok to get them wet
  • It is ok if your steri-strips peel and fall off in the shower and your incisions get wet


  • You may wear a sports bra if this provides you with comfort
  • Please do not wear an underwire bra as it will put pressure on your healing incisions


  • No strenuous activity (nothing that will increase your blood pressure) for 4 weeks
  • No lifting greater than 5 pounds for 4 weeks


  • You will see Dr. Momtazi in followup on _______ at _______ in Module K at the General Campus.
For any urgent concerns outside of regular office hours, please call 613.737.8899, inform the operator that you are Dr. Momtazi’s patient and ask to speak with the plastic surgeon on call.

Moein Momtazi, MD MSc FRCSC

The Ottawa Hospital – General Campus
501 Smyth Road, Room M2569-A, Box 213
Ottawa, ON K1H 8L6
P (613) 737-8899 ext.