Post OP Info Breast Reconstructive Dr. Jarmuske

The first three days:

  • Expect drainage from the incisions
  • Yellow colored drainage tinged with blood is normal Green and smelly is not; Fever is not
  • Small openings along incision line are normal, usually at the T junction they will close up on their own, you can use sanitary napkins to cover these areas
  • You may shower over the tapes, pat dry and leave tapes on until your next appointment: DO NOT take tapes off : They will fall off on their own -Use ANY Anti Bacterial Soap for cleansing
  • Put a thin layer of Polysporin or Vaseline over incisions
  • Avoid laying flat: elevate the head of your bed
  • Avoid straining and lifting or reaching over your head
  • Avoid alcohol
  • No smoking
  • Rest, Rest ****
  • Take your pain medication when you need it Suffering will only increase your blood pressure and provoke bleeding
  • You can use an ice pack to lay over chest for swelling and or pain
  • After the initial dressing is removed (3 to 4 days post surgery) You will need to wear a sports bra for support…..Try to wear sports bra as much as possible for 3 weeks



Any Antibacterial Soap Q-Tips, Polysporin or Vaseline ointment, PAPER Tape (DOLLAR TREE) Sanitary Napkins Sports bra- To be bought 2 WEEKs AFTER SURGERY