Soft tissue fillers

Non-invasive facial volume restoration at the University of Ottawa

Facial volume loss can be corrected non-invasively with soft tissue fillers. The treatment involves a hyaluronic acid-based treatment filler that is used to replace lost tissue volume in order to improve facial contours and rejuvenate the face. Treatment areas can include the lips, lip lines, nasolabial folds, temples, forehead lines, tear troughs and more. During an in- depth consultation, the patient’s health and medical history will be reviewed and aesthetic objectives will also be discussed in order to create an ideal treatment plan. Patients under the care of plastic surgeons at the University of Ottawa will be informed on what to expect pre, during and post treatment to ensure their comfort, safety and optimal outcomes. Treatments with soft tissue fillers are temporary and require repeat treatments at recommended intervals in order to maintain results.

Soft tissue fillers | Plastic Surgeons

An important step towards a pleasing non-invasive volume restoration treatment with soft tissue fillers in Ottawa is selecting a surgeon you are confident with. The University of Ottawa Division of Plastic Surgery employs the latest innovations and techniques to ensure optimal safety, ideal outcomes and patient satisfaction.