Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation at the University of Ottawa

When you wish to enhance the size or shape of your natural breast, you can elect for breast augmentation surgery. The procedure involves inserting a safe, artificial implant into the breast. There are two types of implants to choose from – saline or silicone – as well as the option of a fat graft mammoplasty. The placement of the implant, either underneath the muscle tissue (subpectoral) or underneath the breast tissue (subglandular) is another consideration. A thorough consultation with our clinical providers will help determine the ideal size, shape and placement for your implants. We will review your previous medical history, your natural frame, height, weight and lifestyle along with your desired aesthetic outcome to recommend your best surgical options. The initial recovery period may take approximately two weeks and will vary between individuals. Your surgical team will review what you can expect pre, during and post surgery as tissues heal and your final outcome takes shape.

Breast Augmentation | Plastic Surgeons

An important step toward a pleasing breast augmentation surgery in Ottawa is selecting a surgeon you are confident with. The University of Ottawa Department of Plastic Surgery employs the latest innovations and techniques to ensure optimal safety, ideal outcomes and patient satisfaction.