Adolfo Alejandro López Rios

As an international medical graduate from Colombia, I have dedicated my career to plastic surgery. My focus lies in the intricate field of plastic surgery reconstruction, particularly after trauma, burns, restoration after cancer, massive weight loss, or acquired conditions. I am also deeply passionate about nose, face, and body cosmetic surgery, constantly striving to enhance my skills and knowledge.

Apart from my professional life, I am a proud parent to two exceptional children. My family is my foundation, and we love exploring the great outdoors and engaging in creative activities that foster a spirit of curiosity and learning. These precious moments with my family fuel my passion and enrich my personal and professional perspective.

I am also deeply passionate about giving back to the community. I volunteer in rural areas of Colombia through the foundation Casa Catano Rios, which allows me to connect with and support vibrant communities. This work is not just a duty but a privilege that teaches me new lessons and reinforces the value of service and humility.

Whether navigating the challenges of a plastic surgeon resident or the joys and responsibilities of family and community service, I believe in living with purpose and impact. Feel free to contact me via email at or connect with me on @drlopezrios to learn more about my work or share opportunities for collaboration and growth.